Nutri YOG – Best High Protein Food Brand in India

About NutriYOG

Nutri YOG sprouted with aim to bring life into so many lives by joining (yog) unexplored potential of peanut with palatable and presentable food items. Innovative technologies interwoven with traditional mindful concept of food nurtured and nourished through centuries in India. The miraculous botanical growth habit accumulates aerial and edaphic qualities of nature into pods of Peanut. Attractive oil quality made us to overlook its precious protein attributes. Through rigorous technological R&D, study of socio-cultural food habits and anticipation of next generation life style under ever drifting economical and ecological paradigm shift, it is mandatory to think and act upon holistic food. The peanut has that potential. It can be a versatile ingredient for food manufacturers and consumers at global level. Our aim is to embed this versatile food item in to food for all, forever.

To provide innovative nutritional food items for all.
  • To provide healthy foods to overcome undernutrition and malnutrition problems of people.
  • To create love for vegetarian diet by enriching its protein quality.
  • To create awareness about versatile feature of Peanuts as an ingredient for almost all food items of the world to promote its nutritive values.
  • To harness the potentials of peanut as raw material or ingredient to develop novel food items.
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