Nutri YOG – Best High Protein Food Brand in India


Nutri YOG Cookies are high calorie and high protein supplement. It can be eaten by all, especially for those who need higher calories and proteins like during pregnancy, gym goers, elderly, growing children, postoperatively, people recovering from any illness etc

A person can have 3 to 5 PROBYTES biscuits at a time, up to 3 times a day. Therefore, a person can have up to 15 biscuits in a day,

whey, a protein present in milk, recognized for its excellent amino acid content. It is the main source of protein in Nutri YOG Cookies and is easy to digest.

As Nutri YOG Cookies can be dissolved in water and milk, they can be fed to small children. Casein present in PROBYTES Biscuits is easily digestible, children can have them. But make sure that macronutrient and nutrient requirements are being met.

Yes, she can have Nutri YOG Cookies as they are rich in Vitamin A and protein, which is highly beneficial for a pregnant Women.

Nutri YOG Cookies is also a low fat Cookie, as it provides only 0.75g of protein per cookies, which makes it a good choice for all age groups.

Nutri YOG Cookies can be given in Lactose intolerance, sucrose intolerance, during recuperation, Post hospital discharge, Elderly persons, Cancer patients, T.B patients, during illness. (Pls consult your Dr. in case of any kidney related elements, hepatic problems or chronic diabetes where more protein is not recommended)

Nutri YOG Cookies is totally Cholesterol and Trans-fat free protein diskettes.

Yes…. Nutri YOG Cookies can be a very good option for snacking, as Nutri YOG Cookies provides more protein, less fat and no sucrose.

Yes 100%….. Nutri YOG Cookies is safe and essential during pregnancy and lactation as they need 40 – 50% more protein than a normal women.

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