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Nutri YOG – Multigrain Atta

Nutri YOG Multigrain Atta is unique combination of specially selected five natural grains (Wheat, Peanut, Chick Pea, Barlie and Ragi) whose cumulative nutrient pool makes the treasure of food ingredients furnishing wholesome health and well-being to all people.

Cohesion of cereal (wheat), Minor cereal (Barlie), Oilseed (Peanut), Legume (Chick pea) and Minor millet (Ragi) provide amazing blessings of nature inscribed into diverse essential nutrients (protein , energy , dietary fibre, vitamins & minerals, antioxidants and bioactive compounds) required to sustain healthy and happy life.

It improves softness, taste and other textural qualities of Roti, Paratha, Puri etc. Excellent functional properties makes it suitable ingredient in many preparations.

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Wheat, Peanut, Chick Pea, Barlie and Ragi

Nutrition Info

Per 100 gm% Daily Value
Total fat4.52gm7.0%
Saturated Fat0.96gm4.8%
Monounsaturated fat0.00
Polyunsaturated fat
Calcium28.20 mg
Total Carbohydrate65.06gm21.7%
Total Sugar0.00gm
Dietry fibre14.90gm59.6%
Vitamin A0.00mcg0.0%
Vitamin B31.80mg9.0%
Vitamin E0.89mg4.4 %
Percent daily value are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


  • Goodness of FIVE grains (Wheat, Peanut, Barley, Chick pea, Ragi)
  • Provides 3 times more protein than normal wheat Atta.
  • Rich source of dietary fiber (20% more than traditional one)
  • Excellent protein rich option for vegetarians.
  • Ideal choice for Diabetes Management.
  • Rich in Phosphorus, Calcium and Magnesium.
  • Balanced Amino Acid profile
  • Helps in fitness and well- being


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